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About Us


Step into our cozy corner in Katy where the spirit of South Africa dances on your palate with every bite of our delicious dishes. Here, we're all about bringing you the vibrant and bold flavors of South African cuisine in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. From our zesty peri-peri sauces to our mouthwatering spice combinations, join us for a culinary adventure where the taste of tradition meets the joy of comfort food.

Flavor That Kicks

Dishes bursting with irresistible tastes that leave your taste buds craving more with every bite.

Katy's Favorite

A beloved local hotspot known for our mouthwatering peri peri wings and an array of other delectable dishes.

Mary Rivera

Chef Leader

Jerzzy Lamot

Chef Leader

John Catty

Chef Leader

Timberr Hatiu

Chef Leader

Johnson Saitan

Chef Leader

Carry Hanton

Chef Leader
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